Stewardship Audit

The Stewardship Audit is an in-depth analysis of your current print process.  Every office manager of any business wants to be a good steward of their budget and to improve efficiency.  DSC Office System’s unique (and complimentary) Stewardship Audit can:

  • Possibly reduce your operating costs without replacing equipment
  • Help you feel confident that you are maximizing your investment
  • Eliminate unnecessary expenses
  • Improve decision making based on facts instead of guesses or sales pitches

The Stewardship Audit’s in depth analysis will:

  • Reveal the true cost of your current contract
  • Uncover hidden fees and previously unknown increases
  • Confirm your expectations or contradict them
  • Provide an industry insider’s perspective about your contract
  • Document the findings so that you can make changes to your current contract


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