REVEALED! - 7 Hidden Traps Buried In Your Copier Lease


While DSC Office Systems searches for the truth for our clients, we uncover a lot of dirt! Download this report to know and recognize the 7 Traps that are buried in your copier lease.  Avoid the traps and save yourself (and your company) thousands of dollars per year.

You've just been assigned the responsibility of finding new copier equipment for your office and you've got lots of questions...

  • Which office equipment company should I call? 
  • How do you know what kind of equipment I need?
  • How much belief can I put into what the sales person is telling me?
  • Could making a mistake cost me my job?

We're here to help give you insider information that will make you the hero of your office (instead of the goat when a bad contract gets signed).

In the 7 Hidden Traps Buried in Your Copier Lease You Will Learn:

  • When cost per copy is to your advantage and when it is not
  • How to spot an auto renewal clause that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars
  • Easy steps to analyze overage/underage charges
  • When Fair Market Value is NOT FAIR
  • Much, much more...

Are you wondering if you have any Hidden Traps in your lease?

It's better to know than to hope that there are no traps in your lease.

Fill out the Download form and get what you need to know now!