Practical Extras

Businesses choose DSC Office Systems because of the many practical extras that we provide beyond equipment, toner and processing. Because we operate our own in-house mailing service, we actually use the equipment that we sell.  This means that we are not only your key resource for answering questions about how the equipment works, but how your project will be handled by the USPS.

Every month, thousands of trifolds, promotional mailings and fundraising projects are successfully produced by our customers.  Often, they turn to our DSC Office Systems staff to answer questions about:

  • What works and doesn’t work with the United States Post Office (we work with the USPS daily)
  • How to save money by leveraging the standard (bulk) mail rules
  • Specific details about the function of specialty machines for tabbing, inserting and addressing

As a bonus to our clients, DSC Office Systems offers:

  • A complimentary proof your project for compliance with the USPS rules
  • Emergency print production back-up services…sometimes a client hits a snag during their print project and are on the edge of missing a deadline.  Because of our in-house printing capability, we can often supplement our client’s efforts and get the project done by the deadline.

No other equipment provider in Greater Cincinnati offers this series of Practical Extras.  It’s another reason why we are different.