Copier Assurance Commitment

We believe in Win-Win relationships. 

Copier Assurance is our commitment to winning relationships.  Every five-year service and supply contract with DSC Office Systems comes with complete Copier Assurance.

Our belief is that you should feel good about signing a contract with a company.  You should not feel locked in to a set of parameters that you don’t clearly understand.  DSC Office System’s contracts are straight forward, understandable and include Copier Assurance.

No other office equipment company in Greater Cincinnati offers the breadth and depth of commitments that DSC’s Copier Assurance provides which includes:

  • Rollover Copies
  • Equipment Replacement Guarantee
  • Price Integrity, plus:
    • No Base Charge
    • No Penalty Adjustments
    • Rate Continuity
    • Account Reviews

For all the details about Copier Assurance, request a complimentary Stewardship Audit.  This custom report delivers the true ROI of your current print process.