RISO + DSC @ Office Equipment Show Macaroni Grill

Executive Directors, IT Directors, Office Managers and Print Shop Owners gathered at Macaroni Grill to witness the RISO ComColor X-1, color copiers and folders to improve their office operations.  While they were exploring new opportunities, they enjoyed a delightful pasta buffet from the Chef at Macaroni Grill.

An educational component was added for attendees who wanted to learn new skills with their current equipment. Several Church Office Managers are now equipped to leverage the programmability of their copier to save time and generate consistent operation.  Alan Disher (featured below in the photo with Bernie) was on hand to demonstrate DSC2, a proprietary direct mail management software program, to attendees.

Decision makers attend these DSC events who want to better understand the value of their purchase and want to see another demonstration.  Sometimes that confirms their current path and other times it helps them refine it.  “Some decision makers have an attractive offer on the table from one of our competitors.  Because they trust us, they want to hear our opinion about the offer” states Bernie Reagan, DSC Office President.  “We take the time to explain what is in the offer, what may be missing and what questions to ask as a follow up.  After were done, often the offer doesn’t look as attractive as it did before” says Bernie with a bit of a chuckle. “It is amazing what the truth will do.”      

The next DSC Office event is being scheduled for early 2015.  It will be a great opportunity to explore new opportunities, learn a new skill with your equipment and confirm (or reject) a decision you are about to make.  And of course, there will be great food too!