My “New” Copier Has Already Run 100K Copies

Would they ever deliver a used copier and tell me it was new?  Can you roll back the copier “odometer”? Here is a true customer story…Joyce (not her real name) says she missed the deadline for canceling service contract.  She talked to BIGBOX COPIERS (not their real name either) to try to renegotiate.  Joyce said they told her, more or less, "We are a big corporation, and it is too bad, you signed a contract."  She said she is not buying anything from them ever again.  Joyce is unhappy with BIGBOX COPIERS.  In the discovery stage of a Stewardship Audit I found: The model was BrandX 555 (not the copier’s real model number); she ordered a copier and was told it was new. BIGBOX COPIERS delivered it with 100,000 copies on it.  She didn’t find out until she had paid for it.  They have run 365,000 copies in 20 months.

She is paying for 30,000 copies per month and is averaging 18,294 copies.  Last year the service contract price was $449 per month; this year it is $528. That is a 17.5% increase.  After only her second year!  She said BIGBOX COPIERS's billing department is like dealing with the IRS.  The overage is listed on their statement to be .0131, but the billing statement was for .0187 last year and went to .0207 this year.  They have only averaged 18,000 but they have had overage for three or four quarters.  How is that possible?  With their overage and their under usage, they actually paid $7737 for 219,528 copies for a machine that fails every time they really need it.  This results in a real cost of .0352 per copy.  They are a private school so their copy needs are very high for three quarters and very slow when they are CLOSED FOR SUMMER VACATION!  Do you think that the sales rep accidently overlooked that business fact when working the numbers or is this simply a sleazy copier dealer trick?  I will let you decide.