Houston…We Have A Problem

You’ve been there.  You got a big project and an impending deadline.  Your “Houston Moment” occurs when you recognize that things aren’t going as planned…we have a problem.  At DSC Office Systems, we get those kinds of calls and consider it a privilege to support our clients through their challenge.  What a surprise when it happened to me (Bernie Reagan, President of DSC Office Systems) the night before our May Office Equipment Expo. 

In general, color printers that deliver 120 ppm, don’t like to be moved.  To put on the Expo, we had to move equipment to the Radisson in Covington. As the saying goes “Stuff Happens” and it did.  Set up should have been finished by 5 PM the day before the Expo.  At 4 PM, I knew we had a problem due to an error code. After 90 minutes, our excellent DSC techs couldn’t resolve the error.  Since it was after 6 PM, manufacturer tech support was closed. Our team reached out to the manufacturer field representative (Mark) that we’ve worked with in the past, but it was after business hours.  We lucked out and connected with him! However, this was a stubborn error code.  

Over the next four hours, with multiple phone calls and Mark researching the problem further with his team, the error code was resolved.  It was 9:30 PM. We all breathed a sigh of relief and Bernie learned a lesson.  “Now I know what it is like to be on the receiving end of great customer service.  That’s what we strive to deliver every time our clients call with a challenge.  Thank you RISO.  You have proven to be an excellent partner.”