First a New Name…Now A NEW LOCATION!

DSC Office Systems Moves to Blue Ash in December 2014

Much like last year’s name change, our new location is an improvement to the core of who we are at DSC Office Systems.  Our new facility on Alliance Road in Blue Ash will allow us to better serve our customer base and the many new customers that have joined us in the last 12 months.

Our new, much larger and efficient facility will allow us to:

  • Host equipment expos for our clients
  • Offer more variety and volume with higher capacity warehouse
  • Increase delivery speed with improved dock logistics
  • Maximize our customer’s skills with better training space
  • Expedite direct mail projects more efficiently with improved space

And most importantly, our new facility will keep our DSC Office staff thrilled to come to work every day with a bright, comfortable workspace so they can continue to give our customers the best service available.

In general, I think change is a good thing.  But rest assured, one thing that will never change is our principle belief that “we aren’t the biggest, just the best at serving our customers.”

Come visit us at our new location at:

DSC Office Systems
10270 Alliance Road
Cincinnati, OH 45242
513-821-1199 (same #)

Click here for directions