Expo Summary

The May Office Equipment Expo was another grand event for schools, churches, non-profits and businesses that are just starting the hunt for new office equipment, want to demo new functionality or want to confirm their decision on purchase.

This Expo had several remarkable high points and one low point (read the article titled “Houston, We Have A Problem”).  The high points include:

The Big Hit – Kyocera Apps

Crowds kept building around our new Kyocera line as demonstrations were presented for:

  • Teacher Assistant App
  • PinPoint Scan App – especially loved by IT staff for its ease of installation
  • DM Connect App

We set a new record for the number of IT staff that joined the administrative staff for the expo.

Surprise Personalized Gifts for Attendees 

The UniBind binding system was not only demonstrated, but every registered attendee was gifted a personalized, hard bound day planning book.  It was quite a crowd pleaser.

RISO Power Users

At DSC, we are selective when choosing what manufacturers to represent.  One of our conditions is their willingness to support our clients.  RISO supplied four representatives and gave advanced course instruction turning our RISO clients into power users.

Did you miss this exciting event and the great view and food from the Radisson? Bernie and his team are prepared to bring the excitement to you.  Just call them with your questions or to request a demo.  And, pencil in October for the DSC Open House.