Why We Are Different

You’ve heard from other office equipment companies the many reasons why they think they are the best. Often, these statements aren’t different and sometimes they aren’t even a good thing.

Why DSC Office Systems Is Truly Different

1. Copier Assurance

This is the best guarantee in the copier business in Greater Cincinnati and possibly the USA. Copier Assurance eliminates hassles and keeps your office running efficiently. Read the details.

2. Familiar Faces – Trusted Relationships

In the copier industry, the average duration of a sales person is 18 months. At DSC Office Systems, our sales staff averages 15+ years at our company. You have to be here five years before we stop considering you a rookie. In the copier industry, when you sign a five year contract, your sales person is likely to change three times before the contract renews. At DSC, your Sales Representative will be around to keep commitments during your contract, at first renewal, at the second renewal and so on. A stable sales and customer service team builds trusted relationships.

3. We Actually Use What We Sell

DSC Office Systems has been serving the needs of Cincinnati businesses for over 40 years. What we think is much more important than history is the fact that when we recommend a solution for a client’s problem, it is based on actual experience, not a theory, a guess or a picture in a brochure. We operate our own in-house mailing/print shop for ourselves and as a back-up for our customers. When our sales team talks about a piece of equipment, they have true hands-on experience, not a one-time training.

The “60 Minutes” of the Copier Industry

In the television program “60 Minutes”, they investigate questionable practices of certain industries by interviewing people who have left that industry. At DSC Office Systems, we question those practices while we actively participate in the office equipment business. We choose to operate from a different set of standards than most of our competitors. We search for the truth, not the sale. If we can’t solve your problem or help you improve, then we will tell you. On our search for truth, we uncover how clients have been unknowingly paying more than they needed to or have been taken advantage of. We share these discoveries, like the 60 Minutes television program exposes abuse, on our blog called Copier Truths, Myths and Outright Lies. We make public the insider secrets of the office equipment business.

What Others Claim

You’ve heard from other office equipment companies the many reasons why they think they are the best. Often, these statements aren’t different and sometimes they aren’t even a good thing.

Our competitors say:

They've been supplying office equipment longer than anyone else in Cincinnati

Being in business for a long time means that you have a profitable business model. It does not mean that you deliver high value to the customer.

They have the largest technical service team of anyone in the Tri-state

A large tech team sounds good and is expensive to maintain. Those additional costs will be buried in your contract. The statistics that are most meaningful about tech teams is not its size but:How many machines per tech are being maintained?What is the average number of years of experience of your tech team?

They supply more office equipment than anyone else in Southwestern Ohio

Supplying a lot of equipment should translate into many satisfied customers from companies just like you. Don't ask for 1-2 references; instead ask for 10 references from companies just like yours.

They offer the lowest Cost Per Copy

Offering the lowest Cost Per Copy (CPC) sounds great, but it is not a complete picture. To support a low CPC, proposals often include more copies than you need or bill for an overage on a monthly basis. The net result is paying overage on a busy month or paying for more copies than you use on a slow month. Your new office process contract must also include the efficiency brought to your office, and the amount of time that you will personally invest monitoring confusing invoices and being on the phone with customer service. All of these items totaled equal the value you received from your office process. Judging this value on Cost Per Copy alone falls far short of an accurate perspective.