Non-Profit Organizations judge success not in terms of wealth, but in terms of giving value to the groups of people to whom they administer their services.  At DSC Office Systems, we strongly believe in the same philosophy…that our success lies in your success. 

Whether your organization has a passion for ending hunger, improving housing, expanding education, sharing the Gospel or just making the world a better place, being a Good Steward of your resources is vital to achieving your goals.

We partner with non-profits that serve the Greater Cincinnati area.  Executive directors, business managers, development directors and office managers have come to trust the DSC team because we understand the unique needs of the non-profit environment.  DSC Office Solutions creates customized contracts to manage the ebb and flow of your organization’s print production demands.

Are You Getting the Best Value from your Print/Copy Process?

Our Stewardship Audit Can Help You Find Out.

DSC Office Systems provides solutions to non-profits through our selection of print/copy equipment and process, as well as project and tech support. 

After a thorough (and complimentary) Stewardship Audit, we will have uncovered your unique needs.  At this point, we can recommend a process and equipment that will be the right size fit for your organization which will meet your demand, budget and volume.

The print process needs of a non-profit organization vary greatly, are complicated and extend well beyond standard business needs.  From fundraising to event promotion, we help you effectively execute your projects including bulk mailings, reply envelopes, postcards, newsletters and much more.

DSC Office Systems helps you complete your projects by providing:

  • Print-copy equipment and technical support that meets your needs.
  • Answers to your bulk mail questions – We operate an in-house mailing service.  We work with the United States Postal Service on a daily basis.  We know how to get your projects completed.  Call us with your questions.
  • Emergency Project Back-Up – Occasionally, your print project may hit a snag and be on the edge of missing a deadline. Because we use all of the equipment that we sell, we have functional machines at the ready to back you up in case of emergency.    
  • Copier Assurance – The best guarantee in Greater Cincinnati and possibly the USA!