Royalmont Academy

“Not all office equipment vendors are the same.”

Ask the Executive Director of Royalmont Academy, Mr. Tony Ferraro, and he will tell you the difference he experienced through a Stewardship Audit and Copier Assurance from DSC Office Systems.  

What the Stewardship Audit Uncovered

Before engaging DSC, Royalmont Academy was contracted for 60K color copies per year.  Most copier salespeople like for you to project the highest number of copies possible when setting a contract.  However, actual usage was 28K, which is less than 50% of the projection.  The vendor didn’t conduct an annual review,  which would have been a benefit to the Academy.  Additionally, the contract was structured in such a way that even though Royalmont had 32K color copies they weren’t using, they were being billed $4000 per year on overages for black copies resulting in an overpayment of $2085 for color copies.

The DSC Difference

Based on the results of the Stewardship Audit, DSC Office Systems was able to offer Mr. Ferraro a much more realistic number of copies and installed brand new equipment AND saved them $324 per month.  That’s a savings of $4000 a year and they now have better equipment!

Copier Assurance Protection

Along with a much better contract, Mr. Ferraro and Royalmont Academy also qualified for Copier Assurance.  That means we monitor the number of copies used each quarter and after the first year, we adjust the projection.  The result is that they don’t end up overpaying if their usage drops or have too large of an overage if they grow their school and need more copies.  Copier Assurance provides flexibility to DSC Office Systems customers.  We take the responsibility of watching over the number of copies being used.  This creates a time savings for Mr. Ferraro and his staff as well as provides the peace of mind that they are being good stewards of the funds being entrusted to them.