Grant County Cooperative Extension

“Not Your Typical Office Equipment Company.”

Ask Chris Ammerman from the Grant County Cooperative Extension about his perspective about DSC Office Systems and he’ll say that they are “not your typical office equipment company.”

After the first year of our service contract, DSC discovered we had only used 50% of the estimated copies.  The standard industry response to this situation is one of the following:

  • Ignore the issue – renew the contract at the same rate (and keep the money flowing)
  • Recognize the issue  - offer a lower renewal for the next year, but no credit for the overpayment

Neither one of those options seemed satisfactory to Bernie Reagan, President of DSC Office Systems.

Taking the contrary position to industry standards, DSC Office Systems sent Mr. Ammerman a “No Charge Invoice” that would cover them for an additional year.

Just another reason why we have such loyal customers at DSC Office Systems.