KYOCERA Security Case Study with AccessLock

School District in Texas Uses Apps to Keep Document Management System Secure


A mismatched patchwork of outdated printers and MFPs was causing issues for a school district.  Keeping their document management system secure was difficult, and information leaks were a major concern.


A fleet of user-friendly KYOCERA MFPs with AccessLock, an application that allows a single system administrator to update everything from one central location.


A school system in Texas wanted to share information among its various locations without leaking critical data, but an ad hoc network of devices was putting them at risk.  The IT department simply didn’t have the time to update the access codes on so many different devices.

To solve these issues, their Dealer installed a versatile mix of KYOCERA MFPs and multifunctional printers.  All were equipped with AccessLock, KYOCERA’s flexible application that allows an administrator to work from one central location, setting MFP permissions based specifically on the needs of each employee’s department or position.  AccessLock also has the option to require card authentication or a password, keeping information secure.

Extremely impressed with the results, the district is in talks with their Dealer regarding Teaching Assistant, PinPoint Scan, PaperCut, and other scalable applications.