KYOCERA offers an award–winning range of technology from desktop and multifunctional (MFP) printers to robust color and black & white MFP products.  KYOCERA’s unique business applications can streamline a complex document workflow into a simple process.

Why Add KYOCERA to DSC’s Product Offering?

Bernie Reagan, President of DSC Office Solutions, chose to add KYOCERA because the brand exceeded DSC standards for:

  • Low Cost of Operation, Dependability and Downtime
  • Environmental Impact
  • Efficiency Increase

“While exceeding our standards is impressive, one of the greatest values that KYOCERA brings to our customers is the increase in efficiency via the integration of business applications from desktop and mobile to the device and back.”

Low Cost of Operation Saves You $$

KYOCERA’s design and technology delivers an overall lower cost of operation than comparable brands.

  • Printer Consumables Last 5x to 10x Longer Than Competitive Models – a competitive model may require a drum replacement at 20K copies where KYOCERA’s comparable model’s drum will last for 200K copies.  More copies.  Less replacement costs.  Less time.  Lower cost of operation. 

Three-Tier Coverage Solution - Kyocera is the only brand that monitors the amount of color toner used on a page and bills it accordingly.  

Impressive Business Applications Increase Office Efficiency

Integration with business applications allows the KYOCERA client access to:

  • Mobile Printing - Print from a mobile device from any location
  • Google Printing - Print from Google applications
  • PinPoint Scanning – Simplifies document scanning and eliminates the need to setup and manage SMB scanning, limits IT involvement and is highly secure with personalized pin codes
  • Direct Scan - Scan and send directly to phone bypassing email for improved security and minimizing data storage
  • AccessLock - Application that allows a single system administrator to update everything (device settings) from one central location – Read Case Study
  • Teaching Assistant - Flexible application to create, print, grade, and analyze bubble sheet tests accurately and easily – Read Case Study
  • Many more business applications available to increase your office efficiency

GREEN Technology Protects Environment

KYOCERA recognizes the burden that business activities can place on the environment.  We strive to maintain a clear vision in pursuing a harmonious balance between economic development and environmental preservation by following these measures:

  • Ozone layer protection
  • Waste reduction
  • Energy and resource conservation

One example of waste reduction is the Toner Container.  This key component and consumable part is recyclable, a unique trait of a KYOCERA device.  Additionally, Kyocera’s ECOSYS® Technology provides customers with a printing solution that incorporates long life consumables and the low cost per print.


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Software Integration

KYOCERA easily integrates with common document management solution software including:

  • SharePoint
  • OnBase
  • DocuWare
  • And Many More