The Duplicator Sales Company opened its doors and began serving clients in 1966.  At the time, the ditto and mimeograph machines were king. 

In the late 70’s, the business was struggling as the owner was getting ready to retire.  I believe he only kept it open to benefit his long time secretary with steady employment.

In 1982, Alan Disher bought the company with one employee and one part time technician.  He worked long hours seven days a week in the basement of an old building in St. Bernard to grow the business.  Alan’s son Matt filled the role as a technician.  Matt loved the computers more than duplicators and left to become a very successful IT manager.  Under Alan Disher’s leadership, the Duplicator Sales Company grew to five times its size in the following five years.  We doubled in size twice between 1994 and 2002. Today we serve twenty times the number of customers that we served in 1982. 

In 1994, Bernie Reagan joined the company after gaining 15 years of office equipment experience with Gestetner Corporation whose primary products were duplicators and copiers. 

Bernie became Alan’s partner in 1997.  On March 2nd, 1999 Duplicator Sales Company bought the Cincinnati Branch of Gestetner from the people who told Bernie that said he “shouldn’t go to work for a small business.”

In December 2011, Alan retired and Bernie purchased the company and became president.  All of us are appreciative of Alan’s hard work and leadership over the 30 years that he was president. 

October 1, 2013, the Duplicator Sales Company became DSC Office Systems to more accurately reflect the products and solutions that we offer to our clients.

That covers the official part of our history.  The real reason for the success over the years is: 

  • The attitude of placing service to our clients above making a sale
  • The blessing of finding employees that love what they do
  • The loyalty of customers who recognize that value comes with a complete package of service and not simply the lowest price