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Exciting News!
Waltz Business Solutions Has Merged
With DSC Office Systems!

We are pleased to announce that DSC Office Systems has merged with Waltz Business Solutions, a family-owned independent document imaging and solutions company with a longstanding reputation for quality products and stellar customer service. We selected Waltz Business Solutions for this merger because of their strong commitment to clients and continuous innovation. The decision was influenced by our long-standing personal relationships with their executive team, spanning multiple generations. DSC's merger with Waltz is a natural fit due to their shared culture and values, unique operational efficiencies, and the fact that they mirror DSC in our customer-first approach.

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Celebrating 50 years serving Greater Cincinnati and Dayton – More Info

Celebrating 50 years serving Greater Cincinnati and Dayton – More Info

Celebrating 50 years serving Greater Cincinnati and Dayton – More Info

Celebrating 50 years serving Greater Cincinnati and Dayton – More Info

Home of Copier Assurance

DSC has hands down the best customer service around. I manage Peoples Bank in Hillsboro Ohio. On a Friday during peak lunch rush down 3 employees we realize our copier has ran completely out of toner. I basically called in a panic asking if they had a courier who could bring it. They called, but no courier is available. They are in Cincinnati at least an hour away. He asked can you meet half way. I say no I am way to short-staffed. Can you overnight and we will make due till Monday. A couple hours later in walks Chuck from their company. Realizing we are slammed and don't even have time to put it in he says here let me get it for you and installs it. I have never been more grateful. As you can imagine we make a ton of copies a day and this saved the day for us. I can't thank them enough for their help today!

Mandy / Peoples Bank

As the exclusive provider of Copier Assurance in the Greater Cincinnati area, DSC Office Systems provides improved office efficiency to schools, churches, non-profits and privately held businesses. We equip you so that your printed materials not only look great, but also limit your time investment, are affordably priced and environmentally friendly.

For over forty years, we've relieved the frustrations that office managers experience when dealing with copy and print equipment and copier sales people. Our short-term contracts develop into long-term relationships because we're the BEST at serving our clients...not the biggest at serving everyone.

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Why we are different

Copier Assurance

This is the best guarantee in the copier business in Greater Cincinnati and possibly the USA.

We Use What We Sell

Our sales team have true hands-on experience, not a one-time training. We use what we sell.

Familiar Faces-Long Term Relationships

Longevity in sales is important and rare. At DSC, you're still considered a rookie after 5 years.

The "60 Minutes" of the Office Equipment Industry

Our Stewardship Audit can uncover a lot of dirt, like the "60 Minutes" TV show. We expose it on our blog.


DSC Office Solutions offers a wide variety of products and equipment to efficiently and affordably meet your office demands.



We select brands with a proven track record of value, functionality and ability to meet the needs of our customers.

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